WebQuest: Picking out my new canine friend

I had to create a webquest and I choose to do it about picking out a new puppy or dog. I chose this because I have own dogs all my life and have always been in the process of picking out which dog. The three processes include choosing what breed of dog best fits the family’s needs, the supplies/items what it entails to becoming a dog owner, and that human foods dogs can have.

Searching/ Comment others blogs

When I commented on another persons blog, I noticed that their post was important although there was no articles or reasoning behind what they were saying. He asked what classroom seating is the best. Although he did not provide articles to examples of seating. So it was really hard to give my point of view. I did though an explained it all depends on the age of the children. Young ages have tables with two students at a table. While older students have at individualized desks.

Science Play Project

Static Electricity- Static electricity is all around us, you may have experienced it without even knowing it. For, example imagine sliding down the slide and by the time you get to the bottom of the slide your hair is standing up. The reason why your hair stood up was because of the friction of the slide. It has caused a positive charge on each piece of your hair. Since each piece of your hair has the same charge, they all are trying to push away from each other, causing your hair to stand up looking crazy. Another example of static electricity is when you have just did a load of laundry and you go to the dryer to take your clothes out to wear them…you may feel a small shock or tingle feeling up and down your body.

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